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Magic is everywhere...

...this weekend we have more shows and workshops than you could shake a wand at! Not only are we continuing our series of amazing family-friendly one man shows in London we're also taking our main West End Magic show up to York for a few days as part of the Great Yorkshire Fringe! Plus on top of this we're holding Children's Magic Workshops in both locations too!

Too much excitement to handle??! Then we'll just tell you about all the amazing magic happenings we have coming up in London for the time being.

We also recommend taking a seat before reading the rest of this newsletter due to the levels of excitement contained.

Sitting comfortably? Then we'll continue...

Each month features a different guest magician presenting their own 1 hour show in the intimate Cooper theatre at the Museum of Comedy.

This month we are proud to have the return of West End Magic's very own Hogwart's professor WAYNE TRICE!

Wayne's magic show is highly interactive combining clever sleight of hand and psychological principals with comedy to present a fun-filled show suitable for the entire family. Although Wayne will tell you that Magic isn't real, you may start to wonder once you have witnessed objects transport from one place to another, watched solid go through solid, and experienced Wayne reading people's minds. Wayne has over 20 years of performing experience and has worked with clients such as Barclays Bank, Handelsbanken and The Jockey Club and has also had the pleasure of performing in the West End.

We also will be holding our Children's Magic Workshops for 7-13 year olds within the venue from 1:30pm offering children the basics of magic which is designed to be fun and interactive with tricks they get to keep!

West End Magic presents....


Sat. 29th July, 4pm - Museum of Comedy

Box office 020 7534 1744

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