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The show has now established itself as London's longest running theatre magic show, returning magic regularly to the West End and in addition to having a permanent fixture in London's theatre calendar has now expanded by embarking on theatre tours and visiting venues around the country.


We feature various amazing magic and variety acts from all over the UK, including the multi-award winning magician Oliver Tabor performing his extraordinary illusions, making you wonder whether reality really can be bent and manipulated.


Each show also contains an ever-changing line up of amazing acts selected from some of the most exciting names in magic and variety in the UK. Suitable for ages 5+.









West End Magic began in 2007 at the Albany Theatre in Deptford and was born in a young magicians' club whose members met weekly at Davenports magic shop for 15 years creating card tricks and perfecting illusions, they called themselves the Demon Club. These magicians created shows to perform to the public and to the Magic Circle but disbanded in 1997. 10 years later some of the original members re-formed for A Night of Magic in 2007 which evolved into West End Magic, now at its permanent home at the Leicester Square Theatre, a stones throw from the theatres which used to house Houdini and Chung Ling Soo in the early 1900’s during magic’s golden heyday.

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