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We have some stunningly exciting news to share with you, as West End Magic is holding a day of magic at the Cryer Arts Centre in Carlshalton on 31st May, with 2 shows and a kids magic workshop so....let's get stuck in...

Cryer Arts Centre, Carshalton

31st May 2022

KID'S MAGIC WORKSHOP - 1pm Book tickets

We are pleased to bring our popular Magic Workshops to the Cryer Arts. In the 90 minute session the kids learn 3 fantastic tricks to fool family and friends and, most importantly, how to perform them properly. The classes are taught by professional magicians who are also members of The Magic Circle, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You'll be amazed what your kids can do!

In each session they learn: - 4 Rules of Magic - 3 Amazing tricks (with props they get to keep) - Performance Skills We end each workshop with a small show where each child, if they wish to, can show the adults what they have learnt - and not a screen in sight!! Following the workshop we’ll also be performing our one hour West End Magic little show, suitable for all ages from 5 to 105 so why not book that as well?!...

WEST END MAGIC’S LITTLE SHOW - 3:30pm Book tickets

The Little version of London's longest running theatre magic show comes to the Cryer Arts Centre. Featuring the award-winning magic of Oliver Tabor, and the comedy magic and mind-reading of Wayne Trice this is a show that the whole family will enjoy. We guarantee to deliver fun, laughter and amazement and possibly even some bloke trying to fool you with his pet “rabbits"

The show is suitable for kids of ALL ages from 5 to 105 - so why not bring the whole family! Don’t forget, for the slightly older kids (aged 7 upwards) prior to this show we will be running our Kids Magic Workshops, so if you know a budding Hermione Grainger, or Harry Potter, then get them booked on so they can learn the real secrets of magic! "This is such a fun outing for the family. A fabulouosly entertaining magic show that will amaze and delight the kids and leave the parents (or at least this one) laughing hysterically." -

WEST END MAGIC - 7:30pm Book tickets

London's longest running theatre magic show comes to the Cryer Arts Centre.

We are pleased to be bring the hit show from London’s West End to the Cryer Arts centre in Carshalton.

You’ll witness the award winning magic and illusions of Oliver Tabor, the comedy Magic and Mind-Reading of Wayne Trice, and the epitome of Slap Dash magic - the amazing duo Griffin and Jones. Although this show is later in the evening, it's suitable for older children and adults and we guarantee to amaze and amuse in equal measure. Earlier in the day we’ll also be running our “Little Show” suitable for whole families, and Kids Magic Workshops for any budding Wizards and Witches. "So good it made me realise the true value of going to see a live magic show" - The Sun “This slick, funny and energetic showcase of some of the best magic in the country left us with open jaws and wide eyes….Amazing. Incredible. Awesome” - Little Vikings

Tickets are limited - BOOK NOW!


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