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Final shows of the year this Saturday...

That's right, this weekend sees the last of our family Christmas magic shows and the last shows from us for 2016. However do not despair, we have so much more planned for next year!!

A Christmas magic show for all the family

This Saturday 17th we conclude our run of Christmas West End Magic shows at the Museum of Comedy at 2pm & 4pm with something rather special........we have a recent award-winning magician as our guest act!

His name is Dean Leavey, he's 18 years old and recently won a very prestigious stage competition at the Magic Circle. We are honoured to have him present the act that won him that 1st place at the Magic Circle's J-Day competition event in October.

He will be joining the conjuring feats of Oliver Tabor plus the magical science and happenings of Oliver Meech.

Your last chance to see the perfect Christmas treat for all the family!

Christmas West End Magic

17th December 2016 - 2pm & 4pm

Museum of Comedy

Box Office 020 7734 2222

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