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What a show!

Last weekend saw the first West End Magic show of the year and what an amazing show it was, if we do say so ourselves! London's premier magic show returned for 2016 at the Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday 5th March featuring some special guests acts offering magic, comedy, juggling, sleight-of-hand, appearing doves, dancing handkerchieves, travelling milk, and impossible stage illusions!

The show starred top illusionists Amethyst, Vaudevillian comedy and juggling from Ian Marchant, the visual stage magic of Oliver Tabor all held together by the fantastic Stephen Barry as your host and compere.

If you came, thank you for being part of a wonderful audience, if you missed it don't worry, we have another show coming up in a couple of months featuring a whole new selection of top UK acts on 21st May at the Leicester Square Theatre.

More details to follow soon.

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